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Collaborating with leaders to deliver remarkable results...

...by working with you to ensure your objectives are delivered and sustained

We have over 20 years experience of Transformation Strategy Design and Implementation...

...for growth, integration or transformation on a multi-location and global basis

Our Experience

We have learned and developed best practice transformation solutions from hands on experience on a global basis

Our Approach

Working with our clients to help them deliver results that are sustained

Our Passion

Is all about helping leaders, their teams and their business achieve a potential they had never thought possible

Dakota Transformation

How we can help

We provide insight and expertise to help businesses break through at the key Moments of Truth in their business Life Cycle

  • Start Up to Scale Up – you have a great business proposition and now need to scale it up. The challenge is maintaining levels of quality and customer service – we can help you with that
  • Rapid Growth – your business is already successful and you have some new opportunities for growth for example by moving into new markets / new countries or through the acquisition of another business. There are lots of issues that can destroy the value expected from the growth strategy – we can work with you to help ensure Value is enhanced and that your Growth Strategy is delivered and sustained
  • Transformation – your business has been successful, you know you need to transform business performance to stay ahead of your competitors, however you know it is going to cause a lot of disruption to your business – we can work with you to help you deliver on your transformation strategy and ensure the results are sustained and that the culture develops into one that embraces change and continuously improves

Can we help unlock your full business potential?

If you are working on exciting growth, integration, turnaround or transformation strategies and feel you would benefit from bringing in focused, dedicated experience to help you and your team accelerate your strategy whilst ensuring the plans will deliver sustainable results, then please get in touch for a confidential conversation

Email us at info@dakota-transformation.com


Tell me more

Bryan has a track record of leading teams who have added significant commercial benefit, which is enabled by a unique blend of lean and continuous improvement knowledge and a focus on inspirational leadership.

Jason Christie
Viresco Consulting Ltd

Bryan’s ability to engage with everyone in the business, from the Chief Executive through to the Call Handlers has enabled transformation to embed and grow to be the model of choice enabling all to play a part in the improvement of the business.

Brett Blake
Business Transformation Coach

Bryan really understands the importance of leadership in business transformation, and he always demonstrates the principle that great leaders identify and nurture leadership qualities in those around them.

Lynn Reid
Trig Avionics Ltd

Despite working in an organisation that was often too wrapped up in formalities and “the way things are done around here”, I found Bryan to have the cut-through visionary mindset and leadership qualities that create CHANGE.

Dan White
Ninety New Insurance Ideas

Bryan stands out for his determination to ensure that the Customer is at the heart of our thinking and that we develop and learn each and every day.

Lyndsay Faulds
John Lewis

Bryan is an inspirational leader and a first class practitioner of process re engineering and business transformation. He gets results and leaves a lasting legacy behind him.

Ed Smith

Bryan is someone who doesn’t accept things as status quo but would rather question and probe to constantly improve.

Bob Andrews

I have led and been a part of transformations across multiple sectors and different organisations, but what sets the transformation Bryan created and led apart from others, is the shift in mindsets and behaviours achieved, which in turn has led to sustained commercial delivery and ongoing business improvement.

Paul Evans
Excellence NewDay Ltd

Brilliant at Engagement – at all levels – able to talk with senior executives and Engage all levels of staff. Bryan is a wonderful role model, and a terrifically thoughtful leader capable of delivering remarkable results with the businesses he operates with

Alan Betts

Bryan’s presentation was re-refreshing and inspirational and it got our team to think quite differently about their role in leading change to achieve sustainable improvements. I would certainly recommend Bryan as a guest speaker for your business.

Ron Robson
Ultimate Finance


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