About us

Our philosophy is simple – we want to collaborate with great leaders to continually develop ways to create the best businesses in the market place, that truly engage their staff to thrive on change and deliver superb customer experiences

After over 20 years of working across a wide variety of industries, designing and leading business growth and transformation strategies together with leading on business start ups and turnaround programmes – I wanted to engage with a range of organisations to help them deliver sustainable change, whilst developing the capabilities to ensure the business continues to improve and innovate.

This strategy also leverages another of my key passions – working with leaders to help them achieve a potential they had never thought possible.

By bringing together the rigour of effective programme management, with this focus on sustainability and capability development our clients will be in the 20% of projects that will deliver remarkable and sustainable results whilst also retaining key talent in their organisation

We can help you deliver sustainable results by

  • working with your existing teams to build their skills to help them deliver on your growth and transformation strategy
  • acting as a Special Advisor to the Chief Executive and or Board to help them and key individuals create the environment for change and deliver remarkable results

All approaches will be focused on building skills in your organisation to deliver transformation with results that are sustained for the long term.

You can read more about the Transformation journey at Direct Line here.

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My Area(s) of Interest: Start Up to Scale UpGrowth Strategy - new products/marketsBusiness TurnaroundBusiness Transformation