Growth Strategy – Cheeky Panda

From an idea that could make a difference in the world to a £20m Market Cap. business in 2 years. Here we share just some of the learnings from this fast-growing business, with aspirations to go global, with their bamboo-based toilet paper.

Paradigm Shifting

One of the issues for a successful business is that it becomes fixated with its existing point of view of the world and how things need to be done around here. So much so, that it completely misses the change in customer expectations and how their competitors are meeting them. This is where the need  Read more ➝

Change Management or Change Leadership?

Despite what others may tell you, being able to deliver and sustain improvements is notoriously difficult to achieve, we have developed a capability-building programme on 7 Key Change Leadership Principles to successfully embed change. Discovery: We were asked to review why the technology change and automation projects in a large multi-national were failing to deliver  Read more ➝

Developing Leaders: Get on the balcony

One of the most difficult transitions executives make and sometimes never make is understanding the difference between ‘doing the work to getting the work done’. Two very different activities. A simple but profound metaphor to this challenge is to be found in the work of Adaptive Leadership by Ron Heifetz and Marty Linsky. The concept of  Read more ➝