Dakota Collaboration Network

Within the Network, we have a wide range of specialists that have worked together on a number of different projects, across multiple sectors. Notably Continuous Improvement (CI) Specialists, CI Coaches and CI Trainers, Process Designers, and Leadership Development Experts.

We collaborate to share and develop leading class improvement frameworks and work effectively together to deliver large scale Transformation Strategies with our clients.

We all operate to the same values and principles, primarily focused on building capabilities in organisations so they are able to sustain the improvements made.

If you would like to understand how we can help you deliver on your transformation goals, or if you would be interested in joining the Dakota Collaboration Network please get in touch

Our Strategic Partners are high calibre business experts


Whilst Dakota Transformation have the experience to help our clients design and deliver on their Transformation Strategies, there can be other areas of Expertise that will be important to an organisation in its Growth Strategy.

Experience4Equity was set up to help bring Expertise into businesses at key moments in their business life cycle.

E4E has Experts available to help businesses with a full range of business strategies including Supply Chain Management, Procurement, Marketing , Business Funding, Logistics, Business Development, Robotic Software Experts and many more.