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Taking big business thinking in to small and medium size operations

Whilst many of the approaches and experience we have were developed in large multi-national organisations, we have also developed and applied them in smaller start up, scale up and more entrepreneurial organisations. We see SMEs as one of our target markets to work with to co-create transformation solutions and capabilities that are relevant to them.

We have a wealth of experience designing and leading business transformation strategies, as a result we can bring a wide range of expertise to match the specific requirements of our clients.

For each of our Focus Areas of Scale Up, Growth & Advanced Growth, we work with our clients to determine the best improvement frameworks and capability building approach for them. The blended solutions are tailored to the needs of their business.

Here are just some of the examples we have successfully deployed in the past:

Cultural Change – design and delivery of a series of inter-connected activities that deliver cultural change including staff involvement, capability building and changes in leadership behaviours – all of which positively impact business performance and generate a culture of innovation and continuous improvement

Process Optimisation – optimising the business processes from a customer perspective, identifying and removing waste, removing opportunities for error – ready for automation

Technology Enabled Improvements – the rate of change that technology can enhance and automate business process and the customer experience is remarkable, we can help you deploy and embed new technology solutions effectively

Leadership Edge – the key driver for achieving sustainable improvements, is the environment that is created by the leadership role modelling and behaviours within the business. We have developed a series of interventions that help leaders consider their role as a leader and the impact they have to be able to successfully lead others

Leading through Change – we have developed 7 key principles of Change Leadership that are critical success factors to ensure Change is delivered effectively with lasting results

Capability Building – to be able to lead or sustain improvements, staff will often require training on the new ways of working and / or new skills eg on problem solving, facilitation and performance management

Customer Journeys – fully understanding the customer experience in terms of the reality v’s their expectation can open up some really surprising opportunities for improvement

Operational Excellence – design and delivery of business transformation strategies – including utilising a wide variety of Continuous Improvement solutions to achieve Operational Excellence that will deliver sustainable results

Lean Transformation – fully experienced in designing and leading Lean Transformations which have delivered up to 30% efficiency savings

Problem Solving – data analytics to get to the root causes of business problems to identify long term solutions

Paradigm Shifting – experienced in working with senior executives and teams to help them embrace new ways of looking at opportunities and problems to achieve break through business strategies

Start Up to Scale Up

From Start up to Scale Up – we work with our clients to take innovative and great new concepts and turn them into commercial success. Moving to scale can prove difficult in terms of maintaining the standard of quality and values established by the founders. We work with the business leaders to co-create and implement solutions to help scale up their business successfully

Examples – we have experience from launching a Mortgage Business and an Investment Management Business. Starting from scratch, understanding the regulatory requirements, the specific customer segments and resultant growth strategy were all key to the success of the scale up of these businesses

Growth Strategy

Growth Strategies – experienced at leading multi country / multi site programmes with a real focus on outcomes that deliver improved profitability together with improvements in employee engagement and the customer experience

For example :

  • working with a leadership team to design and implement their business growth strategy involving the launch of a new service offering specifically for High Net Worth clients
  • leading on a £100m multi-national supply chain improvement programme

Growth Strategy - Business Integration

Business Integration – integrating acquired businesses to deliver the targeted benefits, helping the staff through the change curve whilst ensuring any dips in performance are minimised during the transition. The key is to be able to deliver sustainable results without destroying value.

For example

  • leading on the integration of 27 businesses across 5 UK regional locations over a 2 year period
  • supporting a manufacturing business to develop a best in class approach to integrating newly acquired businesses without destroying the value and culture of innovation that existed in the acquired businesses

Moments of Truth

We provide expertise to help businesses break through at the key Moments of Truth in their business life cycle. Those Moments of Truth can be tipping points in business performance. Unfortunately if not handled correctly the tipping point could result in a sharp decline in performance. Handled well, the tipping point can deliver significant and sustained growth

Example – we worked with an executive team to shift their paradigms on the customer journey from being focused on telephony based solutions to embracing a full range of interactions that were expected from the customers – telephony, web, text and social media to create a multi channel customer solution

Advanced Growth

Business Transformation – design and delivery of business transformation strategies – including utilising a wide variety of Continuous Improvement solutions to achieve Operational Excellence that will deliver sustainable results

We help our clients work at all levels in the organisation to engage key stakeholders, involve those impacted by the change and utilise continuous improvement methodologies to help deliver on your targets whilst also building the capabilities to create a culture of continuous improvement and innovation

Examples – we worked with an executive team help design and implement a transformation programme across multiple call centres and accident repair centres to deliver up to 30% efficiency savings, whilst also improving levels of employee engagement and the customer experience

Business Turnaround

Business Turnaround – where business performance has dipped, we work with our clients to carry out a Health Check Assessments to identify the root cause issues and resultant improvement programmes


  • a UK business was falling into a loss, we were asked to identify the issues and recommended turn around plans. The resultant approach was then deployed across other businesses in 24 countries
  • an accident repair centre was performing way below the other centres in the business, by engaging with the staff and utilising continuous improvement techniques all of the key performance indicators were improved – including repairs right first time, daily productivity targets, and health and safety standards


As an accomplished speaker at business strategy events and conferences – Bryan can bring thought provoking insights to your sessions in a way that is directly aligned to your business transformation strategy


  • guest presenter on the Harvard Innovation Programme
  • guest speaker on numerous conferences about achieving Operational Excellence and Sustainable Transformation
  • guest speaker at business strategy sessions



A critical success factor to ensure a business creates and sustains a culture of continuous improvement, is the quality of the capability building programme. We have designed and delivered capability building programmes with a series of integrated interventions, to build Yellow, Green and Black Belt capabilities at relevant levels in the organisation.

These programmes are designed to match the needs of our clients and the accreditation of the staff will be achieved through the application of the new skills and techniques on tangible business improvement programmes.

Additional modules in this programme can include The Role of an Executive Sponsor, Principles of Change Leadership and Innovation for New Solutions.

Our Continuous Improvement capability programmes are designed to align to the international standard for Lean & Six Sigma (ISO18404) and tailored to the specific operational and cultural needs of the company we are working with.