Paradigm Shifting

One of the issues for a successful business is that it becomes fixated with its existing point of view of the world and how things need to be done around here. So much so, that it completely misses the change in customer expectations and how their competitors are meeting them. This is where the need for Paradigm Shifting comes in.

At Dakota Transformation we are committed to helping our clients build their capabilities to develop and thrive in an environment of constant change and improvement.

The Business Challenge:  from observations at Exec meetings, it was clear that a successful financial services business was focused on the performance within its call centres. The reality was that a significant portion of the business was starting to be carried out on line and that proportion was growing exponentially.

The challenge was that the business leaders had successfully created an organisation on a specific operating model for their clients. In its day this operating model was revolutionary. However we needed to help them see the world was changing and fast.

Definition of Insanity : doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results” Albert Einstein

One of the 7 key stages of our Innovation Process is the Challenge Event, where we bring together a definition of the Business Challenge, with what we know about the current situation – and importantly bring in New Insights to generate New Ideas.

This was critical to be able to shift the paradigms off how the Exec Team views the current world.

For the Challenge Event we designed, we created three rooms so the Exec Team could immerse themselves in the reality of the Customer Experience.

  • Room 1 – the customer experience v’s expectation for their own business
  • Room 2 – customer experience that the competitors were providing
  • Room 3 – customer experience being provided in different market places in similar and in some case unrelated business sectors

These sessions really helped the executive understand the need for change, but also the art of the possible in terms of what technology was doing and in turn how that was changing the customer expectations to effectively operate and interact across all channel seamlessly.

As a result the Exec Team made a commitment to invest several £m’s on a new multichannel platform for their business.

Most organisations are based upon functional organisational charts, which can really get in the way of understanding the true customer journey. The need to be able to see the world through the eyes of the customer and to see what you could envision as a result of exploring similar or even completely different markets is how break through innovation solutions can be developed and implemented.

We call that Paradigm Shifting.

If you believe your organisation would benefit from developing its own capability to innovate to identify new solutions then please get in touch.